• Payment Terms
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    To confirm your booking a one third deposit is required. The balance is due 60 days before the start of your holiday. 

    Payment may be made by credit card via Checkfront and Windcave secure payment gateway.

    All transactions are payable in UK Sterling.

    We reserve the right to decline or accept a booking request.

  • Cancellation
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    You may cancel your holiday at any time. The person who made the booking must write to confirm the cancellation as soon as possible.  For the avoidance of doubt any request to change the date of a holiday will be treated as a cancellation.

    The amount we agree to refund you is dependent on how close your cancellation is to the start of your Booking. This is because we are less likely to recover the cost of your Booking by re-letting the Accommodation. The amount of any refund due therefore decreases as your arrival date approaches:

    More than 60 days before arrival: Total refund (minus £15 administration fee)
    Arrival is 59 days – 43 days away: 50% refund
    Arrival is 42 days – 31 days away: 40% refund
    Arrival is 30 days – 15 days: 10% refund
    Arrival is 14 days or less: No refund

    As with all things in life, things sometimes do not go to plan. For this reason, we urge all guests to arrange full travel and health insurance cover. The cancellation terms above are consistently applied to all guests and are not re-negotiable, regardless of the circumstances for cancellation.

    Please note, for reservations made via an agent the cancellation terms specified on their website will apply.

  • Promotional offers
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    Any promotional offer will apply to stays within the advertised dates and terms only.

    We reserve the right to request a full price payment or to cancel the reservation where an offer code has been incorrectly applied.

    The code is not valid in conjunction with any other discount code or offer, unless otherwise stated.

    Offers only apply to new bookings and cannot be applied retrospectively to existing reservations.

    A promotional offer can be withdrawn or changed at any time.

  • COVID19-Affected Reservations
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    COVID19-Affected Reservations – we hope these are a thing of history but just in case…..

    For any bookings made after 10th November 2021, we will offer the flexibility to reschedule the stay, or to receive a full refund (save £15 admin fee) if at the date of travel:

    –  There is a government-imposed travel restriction arising out of a lockdown in either the home country or T&T preventing the guest from travelling to Castara Retreats; or

    –  There is a government requirement to quarantine either on arrival in Tobago or on return home.

    Some guidance on the current covid requirements (if any) can be found here. 

    Please check before booking that you comply.  We are unable to offer refunds to those who later discover they do not meet the requirements and need to cancel a stay a with us within the non refundable period.

    We recommend all guests take out appropriate travel insurance, please see below.

  • Conditions of Rental
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    Accommodation at Castara Retreats is let on the understanding that our guests are responsible for their own safety and well-being. Whilst we have taken great care in building the resort with the safety of our guests in mind, many of the walkways and decks are made from hardwood and concrete which can be slippery when wet. These are washed down and cleaned regularly but you need to take care at all times and particularly after a rainfall.

    Accidents are rare at Castara Retreats but it is wise to be prepared. We do have public liability insurance but this is very low by comparison with the standards in developed countries. 

    Further, while we are happy to offer the covid cancellation terms above we are unable to take responsibility for cancellation due to personal reasons.  We are a small family business and do not have the scale of operation to be able to carry this risk.  It is very important therefore that all guests when choosing to travel and stay away from home manage that risk and we strongly recommend taking out appropriate cancellation, health and accident travel insurance for their holiday.  This applies not only to cancellation due to falling unwell with covid 19 or any requirement to self isolate, but also to all other personal or family illnesses, family bereavement, change of plans, travel disruption and other reasons why the guest may need to cancel a stay.  It is essential that all guests understand the risk that is theirs and, if they wish, obtain protection through insurance.  We are unable to offer any refunds or date changes save as set out above.

    We also want to emphasise as part of our commitment to sustainable tourism that Castara Retreats has no ownership of, and receives no commission from, any of the support services available to guests, such as Derrick Lopez aka Porridge’s airport transfer service, boat trips on Sun Arise, car hire, or day trips and excursions. We include details of such services on our website in order to be helpful to our guests and support the local economy, but we have no responsibility for the quality of these services or for receiving payments towards them.

  • Events Outside our Control
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    We will make every effort to provide the Accommodation. However, we may be unable to do so due to an Event Outside Our Control. We define Events Outside Our Control as any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster, epidemics/pandemics (not including COVID19), or destruction/damage to the Castara Retreats properties.

    If an Event Outside Our Control affects the performance of our obligations under these Terms we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible to notify you and will offer you alternative dates to stay with us. We will not be liable for compensation, or responsible for any failure to perform any of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions caused by an Event Outside Our Control.  Again, we recommend guests take insurance cover.

  • Complaints
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    We do our very best to ensure the lodges are prepared and presented to the highest standard so our guests will enjoy their holidays here. If there is anything missing, a problem or any cause for complaint please let us know immediately and every effort will be made to assist you.  Such situations are best resolved at the time, during the stay.  Any problem must be reported to either Porridge or Jeanell or by email to relax@castararetreats.com as soon as possible.  In the event problem is unreported, it will be considered that we have not been given a reasonable opportunity to remedy the matter.