• The guardian, March 2016

    “Castara Retreats’ treehouse-style lodges melt seamlessly into the landscape… Built of cypress and cedar wood with vast terraces angled to soak up those views, it’s the ultimate in rustic chic.”

    “Some views you can never tire of and the one from my veranda overlooking Castara Bay, on Tobago’s west coast, is among them…At sunrise, giant frigatebirds swoop over the azure calm of the Caribbean Sea, while yellow-breasted bananaquits hustle for space on the hanging bamboo birdtable; in the hazy afternoon heat, fishermen reel nets onto the pretty curve of golden sand, selling their catch straight from the boats; by night, fireflies glow, distant lights twinkle, the moon sparkles on the water. And all around the cloak of rainforest tumbles down the hillside to the coast, hugging the village, buzzing with the sounds of nature.”

    “Castara Retreats’ 15 treehouse-style, self-catering lodges melt seamlessly into the landscape… Built of cypress and cedar wood with vast terraces angled to soak up those views, it’s the ultimate in rustic chic. The gardens are alive with birds (74 species have been spotted), guinea-pig like agouti scuttle by, and the sound of the sea lulls you to sleep.”

  • The Times: I’ve stayed everywhere in the Caribbean — these are the 50 best hotels, Sept 2023

    “With two acres of colourful gardens and the beach just a five-minute walk away, it’s a fine spot for a carefree, recalibrating holiday — think daily yoga at 9am, snorkelling in the bay and hummingbirds galore instead of screens.”
    Nigel Tisdall
    The Times

  • Toronto Star: On this stunning Caribbean island, I find the embodiment of old-style hospitality… July 2023

    “Traditional foods also headline the restaurant menus here, including the one at Castara Retreats, where diners tuck into grilled red snapper and kingfish, shark fish sandwiches, jerk chicken and curried lamb. The retreat is a series of secluded, treehouse-style apartments, each with an open-air kitchen and living area, plus an enclosed and air-conditioned bedroom. Birds of paradise blanket the grounds, hummingbirds zip between cottages, and dolphins can be seen from the verandas — the views of Castara Bay are spectacular.”
    Douglas Wallace
    Toronto Star

  • National Geographic: Surf, sounds and street food: 6 of the best things to do in Tobago, Jan 2023

    “while at Castara Retreats, experts in yoga, meditation, health and nutrition run weeks devoted to wellness and creativity. ”
    Nigel Tisdall
    National Geographic

  • Olive Travels: Where to visit in January 2023

    “Stay at Castara Retreats, a collection of treehouses nestled into lush hillside rainforest, with breathtaking views of the sun setting over the Caribbean Sea, best enjoyed from hammocks strung across large private decks. ”
    Alex Crossley
    Olive Magazine

  • Muddy Stilettos – December 2022

    “Who wouldn’t want to be sitting on that balcony right now? We’ve long had a crush on this gorgeous Caribbean escape with treehouse-style villas tucked into a forested hillside overlooking Castara Beach. Responsible Travel told us, “It’s a shining star in community-focused tourism with great eco-credentials too”. Sold.”
    Muddy Stilettos