Snorkelling in Tobago

Island Blue Snorkel Tour: Discover Castara Bay

On an Island Blue Snorkelling Tour you’ll explore the beauty that exists beneath the waves of Castara Bay. Fully experience the reef and the many species who have made it their home. At the waters’ surface, families of Caribbean reef squid enjoy the shade of fishing buoys, trumpet fish camouflage themselves upside down amongst the fronds of fan coral, and spotted moray eels take cover amongst the brain coral.

The biodiversity of this reef’s ecosystem is one reason it’s been included in the North East Tobago Man and the Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO protected site. Snorkelling in Tobago is an opportunity to be truly enveloped in nature. Under the water, beams of sunlight reflect off shimmering queen angelfish or spotlight a green turtle, then as you look back to shore, soaring pelicans break the vivid green of the surrounding rainforest as you try to spot your accommodation camouflaged on the hillside.

Key Info

Cost, timings and what to expect

Tour days: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday at 11am. Private tours available and quoted for on request.

Length: 90 minutes per tour

– 15-minute induction

– 1 hour snorkelling

– 15-minute debrief

Cost: $175TTD per person, cash only

Group size: 7 maximum

Is this the right trip for me?

To join this tour, you’ll need to know how to swim, however we have the equipment and training to keep nervous swimmers safe, afloat, and focused on enjoying the experience. We welcome children who swim confidently in the water and have their guardians’ consent. Children under 14 will need to be accompanied by a guardian.

Our ethos

We are deeply committed to the reef regeneration project created by the Environmental Research Institute Charlottesville (ERIC). Judha and Leah have both been trained by ERIC and continue to volunteer with them on regeneration projects, such as the reintroduction of staghorn coral. Not only will you get to experience the serenity and beauty of the reef, but your observations will also be used to help monitor the reef’s health.

What we'll do on the tour

11:00-11:15: The tour starts on the beach in front of The Naturalist, where our guides – Judha and Leah – will lead you through an initial briefing covering: what we’ll do; what we’ll see; and how to stay safe.

11:15 – 12.15: The group will set off in the water towards Little Bay, swimming parallel to the coastline to follow the coral reef.  Depending on the sea conditions and the swimming ability of the group, we may explore further where the reef wraps around the point into Little Rockley Bay.

12:15-12:30: we will share what we’ve seen in a debrief on the beach over a glass of fresh juice.

How to book

As spaces are limited, we recommend booking in advance. Contact Judha and Leah at Island Blue Snorkelling Tours: / 783-6305 (Leah) or 789-8123 (Judha).