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    Halesowen News, January 2016

    “Tobago has built a burgeoning tourism industry around its image as a mellow alternative to busier neighbours. Showy resorts and tacky clubs are scarce; beaches are unspoiled; nowhere does tourism threaten to overwhelm the community. The novel idea that you can enjoy yourself in a foreign country without infuriating the locals, upsetting their economy and wrecking their environment, which finds expression in the concept of sustainable tourism, is taking off here. I’m spending some time within one of the pioneers of the trend on the island: Castara Retreats, a fetching cluster of wood-built loges set among the village’s hills…. Over a daiquiri on the Retreats’ terrace bar, Steve lays out his creed, he aims to draw, as much as possible, on what’s already there, such as local services and the island’s natural resources. The Retreats should be integrated into Castara’s community, not imposed on it.”

    January 2015