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    Becoming more sustainable with Green Key International

    Becoming more sustainable with Green Key
    We've received Green Key International Certification!

    We are delighted to be officially Green Key International Certified for 2023-24!

    Green Key are one of the leading global eco-certification programmes, with over 4,400 certified hotels and establishments across more than 60 countries worldwide. Implemented by National Operator Green T&T in partnership with the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL), this programme has been instrumental in promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable operations within the tourism and hospitality industry.

    At Castara Retreats, we’ve been working towards our certification for the past year, evaluating our existing processes, educating ourselves on what being ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ really means through a series of internal workshops, and being ambitious yet realistic about the goals to set ourselves that are measurable and timebound. We were audited by the Green Key programme, who looked at our environmental management, energy conservation, waste management, water conservation, and other sustainable practices. The Green Key National Jury then reviewed our application. Upon meeting full compliance, we were awarded the Green Key Certification for one year. This rigorous process has established Green Key as one of the most reputable eco-labels worldwide, trusted by prominent chains such as Radisson, Marriott, Accor, and Hyatt.

    The recent certification ceremony took place on November 21st, attached to our sustainability workshop, where we worked together as a team to recognise what we’re doing well, set goals for the future and identify project teams to drive progress – all to inform our sustainability strategy.

    The Tobago Tourism Development Limited (TTAL) has issued this statement:

    “With seven (7) Green Key-certified properties, there are now more accommodation options for the eco-conscious visitor to Tobago. This sets Tobago apart from other countries in the English-speaking Caribbean. The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited is committed to promoting the Green Key programme to increase the awareness and adoption of the sustainable practices inherent in the certification.”

    For Castara Retreats, our journey to certification has been really impactful, with our approach being built collectively with our staff from all departments. Steve, owner of Castara Retreats said:

    “Green Key is an excellent validation of priorities that we have been long-term committed to at Castara Retreats. We plan to continue setting and achieving targets year after year and for our passion to protect and enhance the environment to be shared by guests, staff and all our local and international partners. We are super excited to share this journey with others. Our strategy for sustainability, to be published in early 2024, is now our top business priority.”

    For more information on Green T&T, please visit www.green-tt.org.

    December 2023